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Electrical Contracting

Construction Services

As a licensed electrical contractor, Sphere can assist on any small/large electrical challenge your company is facing.

Our experienced team can assess your problem and help provide multiple options for a solution.  Once a design has been selected, our team can provide all the deployment services required for implementation. 


Our services include:


  • Engineering

  • Permitting

  • Equipment Furnishing

  • Installation Services

Examples of our Electrical Services include:

  • Design/Build Solution

  • Engineering Drawings

  • Permitting

  • Construction Management

  • Switchgear Installation / Modifications / Testing

  • VFD Upgrades

  • Motor/Press/Machine Installations

  • Warehouse Lighting Retro-fit 

  • LED Lighting Upgrades/Retro-fit

  • Commercial Electrical Contracting

  • Industrial Electrical Contracting

  • Server Room and Data Center Electrical Contracting

  • Service Work (Emergency dispatching)

  • Site Decommissioning and Disposal 

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