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Critical Environment Services

Critical Power

Critical Power

Our clients depend on stable power to their facilities. When the utility power grid has problems delivering that stable power, our clients rely on us to provide reliable, dependable, and redundant backup systems.  Since 2002, Critical Power solutions have been at the core of our service offering.    


Our experience in designing solutions for Critical Environments is reflected with our 

Vertiv Certification as a Diamond Partner with Advanced 3 Phase Specialization.


The majority of our clients in the critical power market have active server rooms/data centers.  We have successfully implemented several critical power solutions in these active environments without the need for shutting down their businesses. 

We have a vast amount of experience in the following areas:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems

  • Power Distribution 

  • Backup and Emergency Generators

  • DC Power Plants

  • "A/B Bus" Redundancy Solutions

  • Underfloor Whips: PDU Cabling 

  • Structured Cabling: Fiber Optical Cabling

  • Fusion Splicing

  • Remote Monitoring 

  • Lithium Battery Solutions

  • Stationary Battery Solutions, Replacements and Removal/Disposal of Wet cell and VLRA

  • Server Room Design and Audits

  • Equipment Monitoring and Communication Systems

  • Server Room/Data Center Decommissioning

  • Server Room/Data Center Relocation

  • Generator Removal and Disposal

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs

Critical Cooling

IT equipment located in critical environments create significant amounts of heat.  As your business grows and additional equipment is added into your facility, it creates even more heat. Our expert team can design & implement solutions for these challenges. 

We can assist in providing cooling system designs/equipment/installations for increases in heat-loads, as well as redundant 

solutions to eliminate the dependency of a single cooling system.

Our services include:

  • Precision Cooling Solutions

  • Down-Flow Solutions for Raised Floor Applications

  • Up-Flow Solutions for Non-Raised Floor Applications

  • "Hot Spots" Solutions

  • Small IDF Room Solutions

  • Self-Contained Solutions

  • External Modular Container Solutions for Facilities Without Enough Existing Internal Physical Space

  • Redundant Solutions

  • Remote Monitoring 

  • Cold/Hot Isle Containment Solutions  

  • Energy Management Solutions

  • Portable Solutions

  • Emergency Solutions

  • Short and Long-term Lease Solutions

  • Preventive Maintenance Programs


DC Power Systems

DC Power System

Sphere can assist in designing solutions to utilize rack mount and standalone DC Systems.  Our team can also help with basic sizing for capacity and runtime, as well as the physical placement in your rack or room.

 Our services include:

  • Rectifier Systems & Inverter Systems 

  • Rack Mount Systems

  • Stand Alone Systems

  • DC Power Plants

  • "A/B Bus" Redundancy Solutions

  • Remote Site Monitoring 

  • Lithium Battery Solutions

  • Stationary Battery Solutions, Replacements and Removal/Disposal: Wet Cell and VLRA

  • Existing Site Audits

  • Equipment Monitoring and Communication Systems

  • DC System Decommissioning

  • DC System Relocation or Removal and Disposal

  • Preventative Maintenance Programs: Battery Testing (Midtronics) 

  • Battery Charging Systems

Equipment Furnishing Purchase or Lease

As a licensed contractor, Sphere always offers installation services with our solutions.  However, some of our clients purchase equipment from us and perform the installation/assembly on their own. Some already have a preferred onsite contractor for installation services whom we would be happy to work with.

Let Sphere assist you in selecting critical environment products including

the categories below:

  • Server Racks: 2 Post and 4 Post

  • Rack Mounted UPS Systems: Single-Phase and 3-Phase

  • Standalone UPS Systems: Single-Phase and 3-Phase

  • Small PDUs Rack Mounted (Vertical/Horizontal)

  • Large PDUs Standalone for Power Distribution to Multiple Racks or Large Spaces 

  • Power Conditioning Systems

  • Transient Surge Suppression (TVSS) 

  • Stationary Batteries: Lead-Acid (Sealed) and Wet-Cell (Flooded)

  • Lithium Batteries

  • Backup and Emergency Generators

  • DC - Rectifier Power Plants

  • Precision Cooling

  • Cold/Hot Isle Containment Curtain 

  • Equipment Monitoring and Communication Systems

We can assist with technical questions over the phone, or provide the proper documentation to you or your contractor.

We are the exclusive re-seller of Packet Power equipment monitoring solutions in the Central and Southern Ohio region.

We are classified as a Diamond Partner with Advanced 3 Phase Specialization for Liebert/Vertiv products.

For more information on Vertiv products click here.

Equipment Furnishing
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