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Position Type: Full Time

Salary: $15-$25/hour

Experience: Seeking one year of Tower Climbing experience

Primary Position Contributions:

  • Required to climb heights of up to 150'+

  • Install connectors, perform cable runs, and install antennas and equipment

  • Ensure accuracy and quality of all jobs

  • Perform antenna swaps and alignments

  • Perform a variety of tests including Fusion splicing, OTDR Testing, Fiber Scoping, Cellular band Frequency sweep-testing,   RF testing and PIM testing. 


Physical Requirements/Safety:

  • Basic mechanical skills

  • Know and understand OSHA guidelines as they pertain to the telecommunications industry fall protection and personal protective equipment

  • Ability to lift up to 70lbs

  • Ability to work extended hours at heights of 150'+

Must be able to complete:


  • Comtrain Tower Climber Certification or equivalent

  • Must have or be able to complete OSHA Construction 10 hour Safety Training program

  • Must have or be able to complete First Aid and CPR certification. 

Benefits Package:

  • Health insurance

  • Dental/Vision insurance

  • Long/Short Term Disability

  • 401K (employer contribute 3% after 6 months)

  • Boot Allowance $200.00 per year

  • Paid Vacation (pro-rated for first year, after first year 1 week of vacation)

  • Paid Company Designated Holidays

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